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Vehicle Maintenance Applications

Vehicle/Marina Washing and Maintenance

Cars, Boats, Trucks, Busses, Rail Cars, Aircraft, More...

All vehicles – cars, boats, trucks, busses, rail cars, aircraft - must be regularly washed to remove road dirt and salt and other wastewater contaminates picked up from use, oil and solutions used for deicing.

Boat wash wastewater, bilge wastewater and general marina wastewater present special problems for marina operators because of new regulations.

As one example, the wash facility for a modest school bus garage can generate thousand of gallons of oil, grease, dirt and even salt contaminated wastewater per week. Most facilities will find it difficult to obtain discharge permits and face high disposal costs even with a recycling system in place since even recycled wastewater will quickly become too contaminated to use or dispose.

Steam Draygon wastewater evaporators can solve your vehicle wastewater problems - either our complete self contained, drop in systems requiring no interior space that will work with your current wash bay, or as add-on components to reduce your vehicle wash wastewater disposal problems and costs while reducing sewer discharge liability.

  • Engine Rebuild Cleaners & Coolants Wastewater
  • Heavy Equipment Cleaning Wastewater
  • Pressure Wash and Steam Cleaning Wastewater
  • Private Fleet, Municipal and School Bus Wastewater
  • Waste-Oil Water Contamination Wastewater
  • Rail/Tank Car Wash Wastewater
  • Aircraft Washing and Deicing Wastewater
  • Boat Wash Wastewater
  • Bilge Wastewater Disposal, Marina Wastewater