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The LPG Draygon-Shine

The LPG Draygon-Shine

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Product Description

Draygon♦Shine™ is a revolutionary grinding/polishing machine. Its powerful 18 HP propane motor has Tier 4 emission for greater operator safety. The design of the tools and mounting plates ensure the engine is never overloaded. In most operations, our 20 lb. fuel tank will last 5 to 7 hours.

The 27” wide grinding plate is big enough for the large jobs and small enough for residential. 17" and 21" plates are also available. Up to 120 diamond tool segments can be run at one time without laboring the engine.

Draygon♦Shine™ was designed with safety and efficiency. This machine comes with an eight gallon water tank allowing the machine to be operated wet or dry.

With 5 different custom tool plates available, this machine can tackle any job:

  • Plate 1 has six spokes that each hold a custom tool.
  • Plate 2 is a ½ inch thick heavy duty mounting plate with screw on or magnetic tool connection. This plate will hold up to 12 tools of any style for glue/mastic/thin-set/paint removal, grinding and/or polishing, stripping, or burnishing projects.
  • Plate 3 is a ½ inch thick heavy duty mounting plate with our patented suspension system. This plate has Velcro mounting to hold up to 12-3 inch tools, such as resin. hybrid and more.
  • Plate 4 is a ½ inch thick heavy duty mounting plate with T connection for mounting to diamond and other pads. Unlike standard flex plates,this plate makes complete contact with both the pad and the hard surface.
  • Plate 5 is a lightweight version of plate 4, with the same benefit of complete contact with the hard surface.

All standard tooling and quick-change magnetic mount tools are available, as well as our custom Supreme Shine pads which have up to 23- 2 inch diameter tools on a three core pad - the best tool available for polishing concrete and natural stone.

Draygon♦Shine™ is the next generation of walk behind grinding and polishing equipment, available in propane or electric, with increased productivity, faster tool speed, Cyclonic dust chute and no power cords. With Draygon Shine you can do larger jobs faster and better.

DRAYGON♦SHINE™ features:

  • Powerful 18 HP Kawasaki propane engine. 
  • Idle mode will cut through mastic/coatings and grind concrete. 
  • Inexpensive long lasting tools. 
  • Quick change tool system available. 
  • Tier 4 emissions. 
  • 27”, 21” and 17” wide grinding plates. 
  • Tight to the wall operation. 
  • Patent pending cyclonic dust chute. 
  • Patent pending heavy duty run flat grinding plates with dust extractor vents 
  • Custom and standard tools 
  • Easy to operate. 

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