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Self Contained Wastewater Processing System

Self Contained Wastewater Processing System

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Product Description

Up To 140 Gallons/530Liters Per Hour, Run Dry Up To 35 Gallons/132 Liters Per Hour

Draygon Self-Contained Industrial Wastewater Processing Systems offer a fast, quickly installed solution for many applications.

Our Self Contained Wastewater Disposal systems are available in standard configurations, or Draygon can customize the equipment in the system to meet specific customer needs, to include High Capacity and Run Dry Wastewater Evaporators, Wastewater Filters such as Draygon's Advancing Media Filters and other equipment needed for your application.

Draygon will deliver your Self Contained Wastewater Processing System directly to your site ready to connect and operate. Everything is included... all pumps, motors, fans, heaters, etc.

No interior space or installation work necessary.

Fast drop-in installation. Just connect your wastewater, electric, and natural gas to our ports.

The Draygon Self Contained Wastewater Disposal System Does The Rest!

Product Spec Sheet (PDF)


Main Evaporator
Up To 140 Gallons/530Liters Per Hour,
Run Dry Evaporator Up To 35 Gallons/132 Liters Per Hour

20x8x8 Ft/6.1x2.4x2.4 Meters (L/W/H)

Approx. Weight
15,000 Pounds/6818 Kg.

208 VAC, 200 AMP/3 Phase
(Other Options Available)

Burner Fuel
Natural Gas

Make Up Air
Low Leakage, Power Actuated

Damper, Auxiliary Electric Heater
2 KW

Exhaust Fan
100 Cubic Ft/2.8 Cubic Meter/Hr

Oil -Water Separator And Other Filters Available

316 Stainless Steel Tanks Standard
AL6XN, Titanium And Alloy Options

Permanent or Temporary Installation


  • Fast Payback/ROI - Reduce Water Disposal Costs By 90% Or More
  • Automatic, All-Weather Operation Perfect for Bus and Other Vehicle Washes
  • Delivered To Your Site, Ready To Connect and Operate Including All Pumps, Motors, Fans, Heaters
  • No Interior Space Needed
  • Fast, Drop-In Installation, Just Connect Your wastewater, Electric and Natural Gas To Our Ports
  • Recycling Options Available
  • Easy, Reliable Operation, And Cleaning
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • Full Training Provided
  • Industry Best 2-Year Limited Warranty


The Draygon Self Contained wastewater Processing System Is Perfect Where A Drop- In, Ready- To-Use Solution Is Needed For Waste Streams From These Applications And More:

  • Parts Washing
  • Printing Inks/Dyes
  • Vehicle Washes
  • Photo Processing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Finishing/Plating
  • Floor Scrubbing Water
  • Marina Bilge Water
  • Air Condensation
  • Ceramic Coating Wastes
  • Compressor Condensate
  • Degreasing Operations
  • Screw Machine Shops
  • Truck/ Car Washes
  • Coolants
  • Most Aqueous Waste Streams