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SR2 WB Stain resistor

SR2 WB Stain resistor

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Product Description

Ameripolish SR2 WB is a water-based, penetrating stain repellant specifically formulated to protect polished, dyed, and non-dyed concrete from oil, water-based stains, and acidic etching agents. The water and oil repelling qualities of SR2 provide superior stain protection on most substrates. SR2 can be used as a standalone product but, to obtain optimum performance, is recommended for use with AmeriPolish 3D HS or 3D HSL Densifiers.


  • Great alternative where solvent based products are not applicable
  • Economical penetrating sealer alternative
  • Non-topical penetrating sealer
  • Treated surfaces 'breathe' and do not trap moisture
  • Excellent stain repellency for residential, commercial, and even industrial applications
  • Extreme hydroponic and oil phobic characteristics for maximum stain resistance
  • Coverage rate is approximately 2,000 - 3,000 sq ft per gallon

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