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MudHen 1.0

MudHen 1.0

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Product Description

The MudHen 1.0 is the most effective portable slurry water recycling system made. It can fit in an elevator, through a standard 36” door, and on a tommy gate lift. Over 200 gallons per hour of slurry water can be treated – cleaning takes less than 3 minutes. Filter slabs are easily disposed of.

The MudHen 1.0 dimensions: 33” wide, 52” long, 48” high. Equipped with an air operated pump (Ingersoll Rand). The system needs a minimum of 5 scfm of air. The MudHen produces between 4 & 6 gallons per minute of clarified water. The MudHen holds 1 cubic foot of solids.

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