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Modular Construction, How it Works and Maintenance

Modular Construction

All Draygon wastewater evaporators have modular construction which means easy maintenance and fast component replacement, including the evaporation tank.

How it Works

While the Draygon wastewater evaporators employ the simple basic physical process of heating liquids to temperatures at which the water content is vaporized, our evaporators do much more than that.

Our evaporators are designed to closely match the energy usage with the amount of liquid to be processed with controls to maintain "flat" vaporization surfaces. Along with coupled draft inducers and effective venting, these features result in the highest efficiency process and negligible particle emissions.

In addition, all our Run Dry evaporators are equipped with separate evaporation chambers that are heated through an insulated oil chamber rather than directly by electric heating elements or burners. This design significantly increases the reliability of these units.


All Draygon wastewater evaporators are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, from stainless steel construction with options for special fast release coatings to removable, lift out cleaning trays. All models also have options for fully automatic operation, including automatic purging on our high capacity models.