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Diamond Xtract Gloss

Diamond Xtract Gloss

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Product Description

  • Exceptional floor cleaner and enhancer that protects all types of concrete floors with the added feature of leaving a gloss finish.
  • Cleans oil, grease and regular soils from the pores and surface.
  • Gives maximum efficiency without harming the floor surface or the environment.
  • Cleans better, quicker, and more thoroughly than any other product presently offered in the market.
  • Contains proprietary ingredients that suspends soils and also pulls oil-type soils out of the pores of the concrete.
  • Rinses completely leaving a residue-free surface that will not attract additional soil or grease.
  • Will not create buildup when reapplied.
  • Diamond Xtract Gloss is specifically formulated to work with concrete, terrazzo and other cementitious floors
  • Always read the MSDS and follow the application instructions carefully

Material       Concrete