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Diamond Tough Lithium

Diamond Tough Lithium

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Product Description

  • A high performance, water-based, lithium silicate densifying treatment
  • Diamond Tough - Lithium concrete densifier reduces porosity and permeability of the concrete matrix while increasing the mass and density.
  • The treated surface has many times the original level of hardness and compressive strength.
  • The realigned crystalline structure is not affected by ultra violet (UV) light.
  • Diamond Tough - Lithium penetrates into the concrete.  It will not scratch or peel off.
  • Membrane forming sealers can be worn away in high traffic areas, leaving the unprotected concrete unsightly and susceptible to chemical attack.
  • Its use allows for a higher gloss to be generated, and for its increased life.
  • Always read the MSDS and follow the application instructions carefully

Material       Concrete