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DRG 60/90/120/140 High Capacity Wastewater Evaporator


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DRG 60/90/120/140 Evaporators - 60-140 Gallons/227-530 Liters/Hour

The DRG 60/90/120/140 High Capacity Wastewater Evaporator is Draygon's higher volume, automatic industrial wastewater treatment system, evaporating up to 140 gallons/530 liters per hour.

The DRG 60/90/120/140 High Capacity wastewater evaporator is frequently used with the DRG 2, DRG 5/7 and DRG 20/35 Run Dry evaporators for a high capacity run dry solution.

All Draygon wastewater evaporation chamber wettable surfaces are 316L stainless steel, but can be fabricated in a selection of metals depending on the nature of the waste stream.

This wastewater evaporator monitors the level of wastewater in the unit's evaporation chamber, and controls the burner, exhaust fan and refill pump to keep the wastewater evaporation operating at key efficiency and continuous operation.

The DRG 60/90/120/140 Is Frequently Used With The DRG 2, DRG 5/7 And DRG 20/35 Run Dry Evaporators For A High Capacity/Run Dry Solution.

Options for Draygon Wastewater Evaporators include:

Clean out trays, spreader bars, advancing media filters, condensers for water recovery and custom accessories.

Product Spec Sheet (PDF)


Operating Type
Fully Automatic, PLC Controller, Six Probe Sensor System

Evaporation Rate
60-140 Gals/226-530 Liters/Hr Evaporation rate based on water and air at 70 deg F/ 21 deg C for automatic operation, water at boiling point for one hour in batch operation. Solids or floating oil build-up in evaporation chamber will reduce rate.

Maximum Dimensions (L/W/H)
100x33x67" 254x84x170 cm (excluding stack)


Maximum Tank Capacity
315 Gallons/1190 Liters

Burner Fuels
Natural Gas, LPG also available

Electrical Requirement
220V, 30 AMP, Single Phase

Fuel Consumption (Natural Gas)/Hour
Up to 1,400,000 Btu/(Approx 38 Cu Meters) (Lower Gas Consumption for 60 Gal/225 Liter, 90 Gal/340 Liter, 120 Gal/454 Liter/ Hr Models)