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DRG 2 Run Dry Wastewater Evaporator

DRG 2 Run Dry Wastewater Evaporator

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Product Description

2 Gallons/7.5 Liter/Hour - High Efficiency

The Draygon DRG 2 Electric Run Dry Wastewater Evaporator is an economical solution for disposing of aqueous waste water streams up to 2 gallons/7.5 liters per hour.

The DRG 2 Wastewater Evaporator can be run until dry without damaging the unit, and it completely evaporates the wastewater to reduce the waste stream to a fraction of the original volume.

This highly efficient wastewater disposal evaporator is easy to install and operate and has a fully automatic option that also provides for off-peak electrical rate usage if available in your area.

The DRG 2 Run Dry evaporator chamber is constructed of 316L stainless steel, but can also be fabricated in a selection of other materials depending on the nature of your wastewater disposal stream.

The DRG 2 is Draygon's best "Run Dry" wastewater evaporator for small volume applications.

"Run Dry" means the evaporator can be run until dry without damaging the unit, completely drying most waste streams to a fraction of the original volume. The DRG 2 has an ON/OFF switch, temperature dial and redundant safety shut-off thermostats, and a fully automatic option is available.

Options for Draygon Wastewater Evaporators include:

Clean out trays, spreader bars, advancing media filters, condensers for water recovery and custom accessories.

Product Spec Sheet (PDF)


Operating Type
Manual Fill/Run Dry, Automatic Option Available

Evaporation Rate
2 Gallons/7.5 liters/hr
Evaporation rate based on water and air at 70 deg F/ 21 deg C and water at boiling point for one hour in batch operation. Solids or floating oil build-up in evaporation chamber will reduce rate.

Typical Operating Power
5 KW

Dimensions (L/W/H)
(excluding stack)

Weight—Including Heat Transfer Fluid
550 lbs/198kg

Maximum Tank Capacity
16 Gallons/60 Liters

Evaporation Chamber
16x16x16 in/41x41x41 cm

Electrical Requirement
240 Volts, Single Phase, 5KW
(208 Volts can also be used, but
will provide 75% of above
evaporation rate)

Heat Transfer Fluid
6 Gallons/23 Liters


  • Fast Payback/ROI
  • Run Dry-Run Dry Without Damage
  • Up To 99% Waste Stream Reduction
  • Fast Installation
  • Easy Operation And Cleaning
  • Exhaust Draft Induction Fan
  • Insulated Double Boiler Design With Heat Transfer Fluid For High Efficiency, Exceptional Thermal Transfer
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • Wettable Surfaces
    316L Stainless Steel
    (Other materials available)
  • 316L Stainless Steel Tank Standard
    AL6XN And Other Corrosion Resistant Materials Available
  • No Sewer Connection Required
  • No NPDES Discharge Permits Needed (always check with local agencies before purchasing)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


The DRG 2 is perfect for waste streams from these applications and more:

  • Parts Washing
  • Printing Inks/Dyes
  • Vehicle Washes
  • Photo Processing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Finishing/Plating
  • Floor Scrubbing Water
  • Marina Bilge Water
  • Air Condensation
  • Ceramic Coating Wastes
  • Compressor Condensate
  • Degreasing Operations
  • Screw Machine Shops
  • Truck/ Car Washes
  • Coolants
  • Most Aqueous Waste Streams