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DRG 18/35 Run Dry Wastewater Disposal System


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14-35 Gallons/53-132 Liters/Hour - High Efficiency

Draygon DRG 18/35 Run Dry Wastewater Evaporators are economical wastewater disposal solutions for aqueous waste steams up to 35 gallons/132 liters per hour. The DRG 18/35 Run Dry Wastewater Evaporators can be fueled by natural gas or LPG.

DRG 18/35 Run Dry Wastewater Evaporator technology allows the unit to be run dry, without damaging the evaporator, to reduce the waste stream to a fraction of the original volume.

With a maximum tank capacity of 225 Gallons/850 Liters, the DRG 18/35 wastewater evaporator offers highly efficient waste water disposal with either manual or optional automatic operation.

All DRG wastewater evaporators have as standard 316L stainless steel evaporation chambers with many other material options available for higher corrosion resistance depending on the nature of the waste stream.

DRG Series evaporation chamber wettable surfaces are 316L stainless steel, but can be fabricated in a selection of metals depending on the nature of the waste stream.

Draygon wastewater evaporator technology is used for a wide range of waste water disposal needs, including parts washing, metal fabrication, printing shops, ceramic wastes and vehicle and building washing applications.

The DRG 18-35 evaporates 14-35 gallons/53-132 liters per hour and is fueled by a natural gas or LPG burner.

Like the smaller DRG 2 and DRG 5/7 evaporators, the DRG 18/35 is a "Run Dry” unit that can be run until dry without damaging the evaporator and completely evaporates the wastewater to reduce the waste stream to a fraction of the original volume.

Options for Draygon Wastewater Evaporators include:

Clean out trays, spreader bars, advancing media filters, condensers for water recovery and custom accessories.

Product Spec Sheet (PDF)


Operating Type
Manual or Automatic Models

Evaporation Rate
DRG18 14-19 Gallons/53-72 l/Hr.
DRG35 28-35 Gallons/106-132 1/Hr.

Evaporation rate based on water and air at 70 deg F/ 21 deg C for automatic operation, water at boiling point for one hour in batch operation. Solids or floating oil build-up in evaporation chamber will reduce rate.

Dimensions (L/W/H)
100x48x52"/254x122x132cm (excluding stack)

Maximum Tank Capacity
225 Gallons/850 Liters

Heating Fluid
155 Gallons/586 Liters

Burner Fuels
Natural Gas, LPG also available

Electrical Requirement (For Controls)
120V, 20 AMP, Single Phase

Fuel Consumption (Natural Gas)/Hour
DRG18 - 200,000 Btu/2 Therms/195 Cu Ft/5.5 Cu Meter
DRG35 - 475,000 Btu/4.75 Therms/460 Cu Ft/13 Cu Meter

Weight-Including Heat Transfer Fluid
DRG35- 1900lbs/864kg