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DC 3900L Pre Separator

DC 3900L Pre Separator

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Product Description

The DC 3900L is a robust pre separator for handling large quantities of dust, especially in the case of floor grinding. The chassis is adjustable to facilitate transport.

Because 90% of the dust is already separated in the DC 3900L, the filters stay clean much longer on the vacuum unit. The DC 3900L can be connected to our Tromb 400L dust extractor.

Key Features

  • High capacity, low weight
  • Dust-free bag replacement with longopacbags
  • Approved quality and long working life
  • Adjustable chassis to facilitate the transport
  • Corrosion class C4 (ISO 12944)
Technical Specifications
HxWxL  60 (48 when lowered)× 24 × 31 in.
Weight, lbs 55
Inlet/Outlet, in  2