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DC 2900 Industrial Dust Extractor

DC 2900 Industrial Dust Extractor

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Product Description

The DC 2900 is our most popular dust extractor. It is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws.

The DC 2900 has a sturdy steel chassis with big wheels, but is still lightweight and portable.

The DC 2900 is delivered with the following:

  • 15’ long, 1.5” antistatic Suction hose
  • Aluminum floor tool B 370 1.5”
  • Chrome steel wand
  • Longopac system
  • Fine filter, cellulose
  • HEPA filter
Technical Specifications
Weight, lbs 31
True CFM 190
Max vacuum, inwg 84
Power consumption, 115 1340W
Sound level 68 dB(A)