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Battery Watering System

Battery Watering System

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One of the primary causes of short battery life is a failure to maintain proper water level. With our Single Point Battery Watering System adding water to the proper level couldn’t be easier and safer. The SPBWS you fill all your batteries simultaneously from a single remote fill point without ever having to remove a single battery cap. You no longer have to touch or even see your batteries. The level in each cell is controlled independently, adding water only to cells that are low. It will not overfill and its precise accuracy would be almost impossible to match with conventional filling methods.

  • Available for IPC Eagle Sweeper Models 512ET, 712ET, TK1050, TK1202, TK1404
  • Available for ALL IPC Eagle Scrubber Models
  • Easy to install and use!
  • No exposure to battery acid = SAFE to use!
  • No leaking battery acid which maintains a clean battery compartment