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Ride-On Grinders

The Draygon RGP57 Wet/Dry Is Perfect Where A Drop- In, Ready-To-Use Solution Is Needed For Surface Prep, Polishing And More.

Propane Machines

Our unique concrete grinder provides dustfree, efficient and accurate grinding with up to 120 diamond segments.

High Capacity Wastewater Treatment System

The DRG 60/90/120/140 High Capacity Wastewater Evaporator is Draygon’s higher volume, automatic industrial wastewater treatment system.

Electric Machines

Draygon sells a variety of walk-behind equipment for preparing and finishing concrete floors, including grinders, eradicators, scarifiers, surfacers, burnishers and polishers.

Based on years of experience in the concrete finishing and repair business, Draygon Enterprises has designed, developed and perfected equipment and related know-how specifically for concrete, terrazzo and stone grinding, polishing and refinishing under all conditions and environments.

Draygon builds and installs gas & electric wastewater evaporators, industrial treatment solutions, wastewater disposal systems, and recyclers. All Draygon machines are built with the highest quality materials and engineering for long life and robust performance.