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5900L Dust Extractors

5900L Dust Extractors

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Product Description

The DC 5900L 10 hp is used for heavy duty cleaning on construction sites.

Key Features

Dust Extractor DC 5900L + Longopac plastic sacks - get rid of large quantities of dust.

  • A new efficient semi-automatic filter cleaning system.
  • For easier transportation, it has handles both front and rear and the cyclone can be tilted.
  • Dust free removal with longopac system.
  • For better ergonomic the handles are adjustable and the cyclone can be tilted for easier filter exchange.
  • A new more efficient HEPA filter with a larger filter area.

Parts & Accessories

The DC 5900L 10 hp is delivered as standard with the following:

  • 33’ long, 3” antistatic hose
  • 23’ foot, 2” Antistatic hose
  • Aluminum floor tool B500
  • Chrome steel wand 2”
  • Longopac system
  • HEPA filter
  • Fine filter polyester
Weight , lbs 388
True CFM 300
Vacuum, inwg  112
Motor 10 hp
Sound level 75 dB(A)