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Draygon's new RGP57 .84/ 102. Wet/Dry machine is designed

for unsurpassed visibility and maneuverability.

 and offers important features such as front wheel drive, easy maneuvering, maximum efficiency, and corrosion resistant tanks that help extend the life of your machine.

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Years of Research & Development Delivers Unmatched Technology 

Based on years of experience in the concrete finishing and repair business, Draygon's President Ray VanKouwenberg has designed, developed and perfected equipment and related know-how specifically for concrete grinding and refinishing under all conditions and environments

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Ride On Grinders

Ride-On Grinders, Scrubbers, Polishers

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Walk-Behind Floor Surfacing Machiness

Genius 1202 Automatic Sweeper


Choose the ride-on Draygon Genius 1202 Automatic Sweeper with either battery or dual power, ease of use automatic adjustments and high coverage rates.